Koch tribes are not Rajbongshis: AAKA

Koch tribes are not Rajbongshis: AAKA
The Sentinel
KOKRAJHAR, September 28: The All Assam Koch Association (AAKA), on Saturday claimed that the Koch tribes was never part of Rajbongshi but they have their definite identity and culture. They said people have confused over the claim of Rajbongshis who are mixing the Koch with Rajbongshi.
Talking to reporters at Kokrajhar Press Club today, the president of AAKA Prabhash Banai Koch said that the Koch tribes have their definite identity of the clan and was never part of the Rajbongshis. He said that the Koch people have no objection if the Rajbongshis get their ST status, however, proclaiming themselves as Koch–Rajbongshis is unfortunate and which is against the existence of the Koch tribe. “The indigenous Koch tribe would never accept themselves to be identified as Rajbongshis”, he maintained. The AAKSA leader also said that the Rajbongshis have no right to demand Kamatapur which originally belongs to the Koch tribe.
Claiming that the Koch and Rajbongshis are different community, he said, “The Koch tribes have their distinct identity, language, food habits, dress, cultures, customs etc since the ages which is very much different from the Rajbongshis”. He opposed the ‘Koch–Rajbongshi’ terminology citing that it would threaten the survival of the 40 lakh Koch tribe in Assam. The All Assam Koch Association (AAKA) reverberated their demand to include the Koch community in the ST list.
The Koch leader maintained that the Koch tribes were granted ST status in the neighbouring Meghalaya in the year 1987 but were denied in Assam. He said that the proposal and research work were submitted to the Central government to include the Koch tribe in the ST status. Parimal Koch, Advisor of All Assam Koch Students’ Union (AAKSU) was also present in the press meet.


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