Grieve of Laika – Dodhia

Grieve of Laika – Dodhia

Mg. Ajay Doley(Tinsukia)

Laika-Dodhia forest village is situated about 12KM North of the district head quarter of Tinsukia and Dibrugarh Town of Assam, into the heart of the feral horse fame Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, engulfed by the Mighty river Brahmaputra in the North and River Dibru in the West. Laika comprises of three villages namely Laika Rigbi , Laika Pomua and Laika Pasidiya. Dodhia forest village is under the jurisdiction of Dibrugarh District in Assam comprises of four villages namely Dodhia Mohmora, Dodhia Sari suti , Dodhia Kuli Gaon and Dodhia Tengabari in the heart of the feral horse fame Dibru-Saikhowa National Park. These two large villages are the homes of the “Schedule Tribes” with 10-12 thousand inhabitants.
Initially the Dodhia village was situated near Dibrugarh Town under Romuria Moza called “Ockland” . The great earthquake of 1950 devastated the whole villages, as a result , then Govt. of Assam rehabilitated Laika forest village in 1950 and Dodhia village in 1957 in Dibru Reserve Forest as a forest village. After the rehabilitation all government development scheme were executed in the village. In the year 1956 the Govt. of Assam establish Laika Pomua L.P school for educating the children. Health centre were set up, PWD road were constructed. Overall development was gear up by the Govt.of Assam. But unfortunately, since 1986, the forest department of Assam is gradually indulging in depriving the basic rights of the Laika-Dodhia forest village. In the same year 640 Sq. KM area was declared as Dibru-Saikhowa Wild life sanctuary without the consent of the forest villages. Again in the year 1997 a total area of 765 Sq. KM(425 km² as a buffer zone and 340 km² as a core zone) was declared as a Biosphere Reserve. Finally , including Laika forest village in the core area and Dodhia forest village inside the boundary, the whole wild life sanctuary was declared as a National Park in the year 1999 without the consent of the forest villagers. But according to Wild Life Protection Act 1972 , no human activities or habitation could be situated inside the National Park. The declaration of National Park without shifting the aboriginal tribal people,totally violated the Tribal Rights and human rights as well.
The Govt. notification of 20th October 1999 in connection of Dibru-Saikhowa National Park declaration , clearly assured the forest villagers , that they would be enjoying every rights as previous until they were rehabilitated . But later days the 1206 families of Dodhia forest village and 800 families of Laika forest village were being deprived of every rights, obliged to lead a primitive life.
Since, the villages are surrounded by the rivers ,every year flood submerges the villages and washes away their life line. Being forest dwellers they are mainly cultivator, cattle and buffalo rarer by profession dependent on the forest, but the declaration of the National Park crippled down the livelihood and economic backbone as they were prosecuted while entering into the national park . Even there were numerous fake encounter took place in the recent times.
On the contrary ,these two large villages belong to aboriginal Mising Community are being treated as second class citizens. So ,due to so many reason for which they are compel to live like a gypsy without basic needs of the modern life like electricity, education, health facilities , transportation and communication. This year particularly the villages again adversely affected by the frequent flood and soil erosion devastation for which the tribal people are force to strive without sufficient food and clothes.
Since 2006 an uninterrupted movement for rehabilitation is being carried out by the villagers and All Mising Students Organisation (TMPK) as a result the newly formed BJP lead state Govt. adopted Rs 10 Cr in its first budget session for initial processing of the Laika- Dodhia rehabilitation but did not utilize in the later days . Simultaneously under the pressure of the villagers and TMPK’s movement , on 21st July 2017 written assurance was given by the Forest Dept of Assam to rehabilitate Laika-Dodhia within eight month which expire on 21st March 2018. But the written assurance is never fulfilled and remain assured inside the paper.


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