Copy paste from Rajkumar Kutum

Copy Paste from Rajkumar Kutum

mpjf tmpk;contd. from yesterday:it has been seen that this sort of ugly incidents that happened in lohitmukh, Gohpur among blood brothers is not new or recent, but have been happening since 1995 in the mising community. All this disgraceful incidents started and continue to happen only due to political power crazy few individuals who have sponsored multiple organisations in the name of mising jaati to further their political and have no relevance with the socio-economic good of the community. In 1995 it was mising autonomous council ACCORD issue. Mising bane kebang in association with mising autonomous demand committee favoured the acceptance of the ACCORD, because then bodos, who had sacrificed 1200 martyrs, rabhas, lalungs our brotherly tribal brethren had also signed similar ACCORDs at that time. But our existing other organisations then refused to accept that accord on flimsy pretexts ( real reasons i will write some other day) and engaged in fratricidal division of the well knit mising family vertically into pro-ACCORD n anti -accord factions. But when the CONGRESS govt came back to power in 2001 under the initiative of this writer and blessings of the then hon’ble wpt minister Mr bharat Chandra narah the so-called anti accord faction who likes to call themselves mising jatiyo orgs came to negotiation table and after prolonged bargaining between june2001 to 11th Feb. 2006 surrendered before the govt to constitute a coliation body in the MAC. with congress representatives by which accord not even a punctuation was altered from the 1995 mising accord. So there was nothing ideological or principle for development of our mising family involved in the change of heart but only power ENJOYMENT. This group of leaders, in the mask of mising family, have been running political SHOPS from the beginning till now. So they do not want any individual, group of individuals or any other democratic organisation/s to flourish so that may run their monopoly political business enterprises. They have conflict with not only madc or Mpjf but all political groups & individuals that challenge their monopoly. ( Ask rajiblochan, mac election candidates and many other s) Allmost every misings are related to each other directly or indirectly by blood or marriage, due to which all sane members of the great mising joint family do not want reoccurence of such ugly incidents. Few weeks back similar incident had happened at demow, and public opinion was built up against that mafia group through platforms like social media, some of their leaders publicly and privately tried to manufacture all sorts of funny and hilarious explanations. But I and many others of our family are pretty sure that until and unless a stray dog and some of of his business associates are are driven out from our family lohitmukh is not going to be the last incident and they are so shameless for power and money that no amount of of good sense from any quarters of the family would be enough to restrain these rogue elements that have infiltrated our family. However many senior members of our great family have suggested to appeal for the last time to abide by law of the land and moral principles. EVERY INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE AND ORGANISE DEMOCRATICALLY ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF THE LAND, AND NOBODY CAN CURTAIL OR INFRINGE ON IT, NOT EVEN PARLIAMENT OR SUPREME COURT. THEN WHO ARE THESE SELF STYLED “MISING COURT” AND “MISING DAO BATTALION”? RASCALS WHO DON’T KNOW HOW TO WEAR UNDERPANTS SHOW AUDACITY TO TEACH HOW TO DRESS ARMAANI… still continue….


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